sobota, 14 września 2013

Hea ring

Everything comes in waves
Everything is a wave
A vibration

The only difference 
Between a poem and a stone
Is the frequency rate

Time is a form of space
Its opposite
To be exact

I raise my yesterday's eyes
To see tomorrow

I take a look
And don't I look as good
As I can listen to

my mu sic

niedziela, 1 września 2013

Last Auguts


When I was descending the sunlit slope this morning, my screwed up eyes caught sight of three naked nymphs, sunbathing on the jetty below. The fresh breeze from the lake was fanning my face. The pines and spruces on the other shore, swaying gently in a magical dance to their soothing swoosh, looked taller than they really were, as they overgrew the cliff and the tops of the trees growing lower met and intermingled with the branches of those growing higher. And the grass was so green, when I kept walking down the hill...

I took my clothes off quietly, with a close watch on the three naked nymphs, and stepped into the water. The splash alarmed them and they started covering their beautiful bodies in panic with their hands and pieces of fabric. Far too clumsily and hastily as for nymphs. I dived...


When I was descending the sunlit slope this morning, and the fresh breeze from Wigry lake was fanning my face, I changed my mind. Into something else. And this new entity made a choice. I decided to meet her in person. The same one who had been there when she thought they were alone. I resolved  to meet her in the flesh. Mine in hers.

The pines and spruces on the other shore, swaying gently in a magical dance to their soothing swoosh, looked taller than they really were, as they overgrew the cliff and the tops of the trees growing lower met and intermingled with the branches of those growing higher. And the grass was so green, when I kept walking down the hill.

I took my clothes off quietly, with my brand new mind fixed on this hopeless idea. After all, every Time we meet, we fall apart. All people's Souls are One. One Vibration pervading the vast empty spaces inside the inside of every quark of our body cells. One Sound Wave. For God is Music. I stepped into the water.

The Sphere of the Absolute intermingles beautifully with all possible and impossible dimensions, including the eternal infinity of the physical universe. Here and now, in the sphere of the relativity, One Vibration falls apart. To make the difference. To create the drama. I dived.

The only difference between diving and flying is water. The only difference between a thought and a stone is the frequency rate. If two minds transmit on the same wavelength, they can project knowing each other for eternity. And since thought is creative... I leapt out of the water like a dolphin.


poniedziałek, 8 lipca 2013

Spiritual Porn with Elements of Fantasy


The previous night, the ghost given up by Natasha Third soared towards a white light. The light’s source was an odd-looking creature. A horse. But with wings.  And a horn in the middle of his forehead. Snow-white and sparkling. 

He was grazing on the fresh green grass of the sunlit hill, when Natasha  'landed' gracefully. She was bright and luminous, wearing only a white, semitransparent tunic reaching no lower than the end of her back. The bottom back.

The meadow was wet with dew. Its drops shone in the early morning sunrays on the blades of grass and Natasha's first impulse was to throw herself onto the ground and suck on some of the most splendid tufts. So tempting....

She recalled that stupid joke about the farmer who hadn't eaten anything for a few days. He was either broke or crazy. Or both. Anyway, it was a long time ago, when cottages didn’t have indoor loos. So, on the first day of his fast, the farmer went behind a bush for a poo. But on the days that followed no matter how much he squatted and grunted, nothing happened, as far as a bowel movement was concerned. Finally, on the seventh day, when he squatted once more, he felt something really weird going on. He looked down underneath and saw his arse was scoffing the grass.   

As she stared desirously at the fresh light green blades, Natasha felt some pressure in her stomach and lower... She decided not to sit down here. Just in case. After all, she didn't have any panties on under the gauze.

She looked up at her Patronus. The unicorn Pegasus was absolutely beautiful. And so white.

'Olga would love him too...'

So shining. And his horn.... Projecting boisterously. Hard and proud. Swinging gently. Ploughing the air. Forwards and backwards. To the left and to the right. Upwards and downwards. Up and down. Up and down. In a magical dance. As if the unicorn Pegasus were trying to enchant her with his horn. Natasha felt her nipples stiffen and pretty soon she was all wet inside...

Her spiritual guide knelt down before her, spread his snow-white wings, and lowered his head, shaking his mane encouragingly. Natasha reached slowly forwards, took his smooth projection delicately in her hands, shivering impatiently with a yearning for sensual pleasure, and inserted the horn where it belonged. She felt, deep inside, like living once more...


(From The Cave)

poniedziałek, 22 kwietnia 2013

My poe try


When swell heads
Go to sleep
You'll ask me where
And I'll tell you why
We'll never meet

I'll never drown
In your eyes
You'll never feel
My skin

I'll never see
Your smile
You'll never hear
My voice

So I keep writing
Messages in bottles
The only way
To be
In touch
With you


I played
Many games
Lost them all
Now it's time
I were real
To be ridiculed
By verisimilitude
Of the pencil case
With my name
On the front


(S)mile (a)long
A mile-long smile
Sa(i)d (a)muse (a)gain
Life is art
Art is life


Shining table top
Perfect corner ending
Water-falling eyes
Firmly-rooted legs
Laughing uphill down
Paramount exposure
Turning inside out
Hammer fix reset


‘Will my verse be all ruined if I break a vowel?’,
said one gorgeous wet naked body to the towel.
She smiled to the silence, reaching for the croissant.
The towel was there for the sake of the consonant.


I’m standing up
On the stony shore
I feel
How my powers are leaving me
You told me
To keep the thread warm
But I’m freezing
It was not to be
The way
It is
The winds break
The breaks wind
And I am not
The way
I was to be


Once a phoneme
Always a phoneme
The way
You say
To the sound database
And how it’s been said
Cannot be unsaid the same
Your choice
In voice
Echoes in the space
Your space
In time


When time flies
The space shrinks
The shrink paces
The patient's patient
And all's been sa(i)d
Our hour
Their there
See sea
Hear here


I think I thought I’d write a poem
I’d skip the rhyme but leave the rhythm
To better tune with the heart beat vibe
No punctuation marks as usual
I’d deal with all the secrets of life
I’d share the way to walk on fire
My words would move the rocky mountains
Their heat would melt the hardest structures
My mind would flash with thoughts like lightning
And everything would become so clear
But then I faced the stoned hearts shrinking
So I closed my eyes and changed my mind


The composer burns the trees
The orchestra fires at will
Missing the conductor
Most of the time
‘I had no idea…’
The audience swallows
Hot drops
The mixture of admiration and embarrassment
‘I will never…’


There is truly a variety of leaves
I can leave you in a secret place
You can leave me after you please me in a secret way
We can both leave the headquarters of the secret police
Rolling on the floor laughing our arses off afterwards
Let’s leave it to the leaves
Shall we?


But then
But then
My senses went blunt
I reached for the heat
My fingers got burnt
I swallowed hot drops
My innocence fell
The mind
Stepped into the breach
‘I had no idea…’
‘I will never...’


'Tales tell tales'
People kill Time
Time is an aspect of God
People kill God
God is people
People are God
People believe God kills people
People kill themselves
Deadly logic


I’ve got a life to live
I’ve got a dream to dream

My body cells were decomposing for three days
My mind was pretending to give in to chaos
The cheater believed I was all his
Reason asleep
Will overcome

But I surrendered to the Light
Then I chose darkness for the sake of contrast
I lost
To win


In many worlds
At the same time
I touch and feel
To make them one
But then I think
And they are not


Copyright © Marek Stefanowicz 2010

sobota, 16 lutego 2013



Thought is creative. Myśl jest twórcza. But only the subconscious one. Ale tylko podświadoma. The vast and unfathomable sphere of your mind composes the visions of your world. Potężna i niezgłębiona sfera twojego umysłu komponuje wizje twojego świata. And they become reality. A one stają się rzeczywistością. Your life is a projection of your subconscious mind. Twoje życie jest projekcją twojej podświadomości. Conditioned genetically and contextually. Uwarunkowaną genetycznie i kontekstowo.

Outside the physical dimension with all its relativity, Time is a space. Poza wymiarem fizycznym z całą jego względnością, Czas jest przestrzenią. Therefore, on the ultimate plane, your 'present' subconscious choices may affect either your 'future' or your 'past'. Dlatego, twoje "obecne" podświadome wybory mogą mieć wpływ na twoją "przyszłość albo przeszłość". Or both. Albo na jedno i drugie.


Our brain controls all bodily functions via the nervous system. Nasz mózg steruje wszystkimi czynnościami życiowymi za pośrednictwem układu nerwowego.  If all activities of the brain are referred to (conventionally) as 'thinking', and if this 'thinking' is divided (even more conventionally) into only two components: 'conscious thinking' and 'subconscious thinking', then the latter would include, beside the elements normally associated with sub-consciousness, pre-consciousness and hyper consciousness, all the other nervous impulses - electric and magnetic - emitted by the brain, but not related to consciousness. Jeśli umownie nazwiemy wszystkie funkcje mózgu „myśleniem”, i podzielimy to myślenie, jeszcze bardziej umownie, tylko na „świadome” i „nieświadome”, to w tej drugiej grupie, obok elementów zwykle kojarzonych z podświadomością, przedświadomością i nadświadomością, znajdą się również wszystkie inne impulsy nerwowe, te elektryczne i magnetyczne, emitowane przez mózg, a nie związane ze świadomością. 

In such a division, 'subconscious thinking' or 'unconscious thinking' would cover creating and manifesting deeply encoded thinking patterns or dreaming, as well as controlling the functions of the endocrine glands. Przy takim podziale, „myśleniem nieświadomym” będzie zarówno tworzenie i manifestowanie jakiś głęboko zakodowanych wzorców myślowych, czy śnienie, jak i sterowanie pracą gruczołów wydzielania wewnętrznego. And since "conscious thinking" and "subconscious thinking" merge and interpenetrate, as two parts of the same identity, then it is true that we live like we think, and we think like we live. I teraz, jeśli „myślenie świadome” i „nieświadome” przenikają się wzajemnie, a przenikają się na pewno, jako części jednej całości pochodzące z tego samego źródła, to faktycznie żyjemy tak, jak myślimy, a myślimy tak, jak żyjemy. Which means that our thinking is really creative. Czyli myślenie jest twórcze. Especially for our own body.
Zwłaszcza dla naszego ciała.

Therefore, if the conscious mind keeps generating thoughts about physical immortality, for instance, soon all the "unconscious thinking" system - including the part of it which controls all the bodily processes - will soak up this ideology. Więc jeśli świadomość będzie generowała dajmy na to myśli o fizycznej nieśmiertelności, to wkrótce nasiąknie nimi całe „myślenie nieświadome”, w tym ta jego część, która steruje wszystkimi procesami życiowymi. And in this way, a most absurd and abstract fiction can become reality. I w ten sposób najbardziej absurdalna i abstrakcyjna fikcja może stać się rzeczywistością.


God and Satan are only figments of human imagination. Bóg i Szatan są jedynie wytworami ludzkiej wyobraźni. Projections of our mind. Projekcjami naszego umysłu. But since thought is creative... Ale skoro myśl jest twórcza...


poniedziałek, 14 stycznia 2013

Magic Potion


Take two spoonfuls of the midwinter snow-white sparkling sunshine
from the midst of the silver spruce branches, which pine for more ice.
Add a pinch of the sharp needles piercing your lungs with every breath,
when you stop running to catch up with the clouds of steam from your mouth.
Drink slowly. And remember...