wtorek, 6 marca 2012

Zazdrość - Jea lousy


When you speak
You shine with sex of the stars' intellect
You flex your narrow shoulders
And even a most immovable stone moves
When you laugh
Your whole body shivers with joy
And I really hope one kiss of his doesn't make a summer
In your heart

Nobody would guess I'm with you at this party
You're mine only when it gets dark
So I pray on a daily basis
For some eternal solar eclipse

If you discern the familiar sparks in his eyes
Will you do everything to make him give up on you
Or if the sight of him lights up your eyes
Won't you forget everything to burn in his arms

You walk down the street in the rhythm of natural selection
Too attractive to even bother about casting your own spells
You keep sparing me a moment's glance
Making me feel as dull as a collection of butterflies

It's hard to spot me in the crowd
No wonder
I'm never there

You're like a golden honeycomb
And I'm like a clumsy bear
Unable to abstain
To the last drop

'Hey clumsy bear'
You seem to say
'Go to the dentist
Have your sweet tooth extracted'
It's wobbling


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