piątek, 9 marca 2012

PRL - The Polish People's Republic


I know
You've had enough
Of those cold glances
And the emptiness around us

The street crowd of sad faces
Loses the rhythm in its march
To the everyday humdrum
And where's our joy and laughter

I know
You've got used to
The rows of the deaf mutes
On the tram at 6.05 in the morning

And only sleepy sorrow in their regretful eyes
Staring bluntly at the windows
And no shade of a smile
On their determined lips

Once they had enough strength and power
Hopeful and faithful in the rightness of their actions
But the decades of the hardship have brought them nothing
Where's the better tomorrow
Where's all the milk and honey

I know
Each day raises the same question
Is it worthwhile
Carrying on

When every matter
Consumes us
And it's so hard to be kind
In the struggle for survival

I know
You've had enough


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