sobota, 3 marca 2012

Droga - The Road


The golden radiation has spread out its net
My vehicle dives
And basks in the brightness

The divine landscapes behind the walls of green
The narrow trail the shadow of the road
Trembling in the rainbow colours of the day

Whether someone's still waiting for me
In the town I'm heading for
Or not
I don't give a plank
Enjoying the countryside

I chase the clouds not to catch them
But to race across the sky like the wind
And I admire them from my chariot
Not trying to understand
Then maybe they won't disappear
Like you did

I go past the Open Hearts Canyon
And down the twisting Soul Mates Gorge
To reach the foot of the You Know Hill

Then the town's panorama
A misty patch
And the white board
With the red diagonal
Someone's turned it


1 komentarz:

  1. ta różnorodność w poezji czyni ją ....zagadkową..że ciągle chce się wracać ...