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Zasady pirydynowe - Pyridine Bases


Spring 1984 was beautiful. Cauliflower and I welcomed every sunny day sitting on the lawn in front of the student house and drinking beer. My guitar was always with me. He enjoyed my music...

In the middle of May, Cauliflower scented the beginning of the new poppy flowering season and left, having promised to be back in October. Soon after his departure, I had my first blotto experience, which followed those unforgettable all-night-long open-air piano-playing and singing sessions.


Cauliflower kept his word and was back in Yelonkey when the summer holidays. Actually, only half of him returned. I didn’t ask what had happened to the other half. I knew it…

We started drinking together again. But for the first month he would get pissed too easily. And gazing at me sadly, with absent eyes, would ask for his favourite song of mine: ‘Pyridine Bases’, written back in 1978. He liked to hear about the lyrical subject’s feeling so down and detached, and longing for his ‘high resurrection’.


In a shell with a sail of hope I travel
Across the tarry sea
Over the black and thick and viscous abyss
Worse and worse
Foggier and foggier

I can't hear
I can't feel anything
My thoughts are pitch-black
When I look
All lost
At those ships so abuzz and bustling

And only sometimes
When your eyes grow dull
You can see
The green sunlit hill
With the blue sky rise
And the aurora
Laughing at you from the opera stage
And singing for you from the opera stage

What is this song
With lyrics but no words
A silent grimace horrifies the audience
What is this singing
Nothing to hear
Voice stuck in the throat
And a gesture of despair

Someone runs about the stage

This is no opera
This is a frantic ballet
The performers spin round
Waving their limbs
With air
Plaiting their hair
In this dance so bad
As a very ill thought

And he found himself drowning
In the black and thick and viscous abyss
Of the psychodelic tangle

And he won't regain his freedom
Until the broken thread of consciousness
Gets tied in a knot of awaking


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