piątek, 24 lutego 2012

Świeca - A Candle



You're like a shimmering candle flame
Always uncertain of your warmth
Weak and pale is your light
Imprinted with the augury of death
You're scared of the wind
And of the wax melting
You burn frugally
With the wick and stick complex

You look around and see
Those other candles
In the prime of paraffin
At the height of fire
Or those cooling graves
Stains of limited beings
And their silent epitaphs
Taking your breath away

But you can become a torch
A powerful and eternal fire
You only have to fall
And burn all the dark sides
The enemy wind will be your ally now
Spreading the fire-life
The amount of your wax won't be an issue anymore
As there's so much to fall prey to your flame

You only have to fall
And send the wick and stick complex
Up in the smoke of oblivion
To create new prospects

Planes and sweeps of your dreams
As long as they burn
Infinite is the course of fiery events

Oh burn then burn
You immortal fire
Conceived from a mortal candle
Oh live then live
My Love
As I live
On my knees


Alternative translation by legendary Jane Alexander:

You quiver like a candle's flame 
Still uncertain of its heat... 
Of Life itself. 
Stigmata, faintly shining, in the gleam of Death. 
Are you scared? Of the wind? Of molten wax? 
Burn carefully; burn timidly... 
The complex wick, the candle stick. 

You see beyond the candles 
Which fade; 
Like paraffin flowers 
Given to Fire. 
Entombed, scorched, stiffening. 
Silent epitaphs 
Take you to the air... 

And you can change the torch; 
Fire, all-powerful, the Infinite 

You have no choice but to give in 

And light up the darkness. 

Wind is the enemy's ally, 

But I will spread the Fire of Life. 

Let the insignificant wax tremble with fear 

Threatened, at the mercy of the flames. 

Just give in, 
Complex wick, candle stick. 
Embrace oblivion and burn... 
A brand new world into being. 

Tracts of your dreams. 
Until we burn, 
Eternal vastnesses of fire on fire.. 
Into sensation.

So, immortal heat and smoke 
Conceived from such a deadly spark. 
And so I live most pleasingly 
From having surrendered, my back bowed.  



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  1. I'd better not give up the day job, eh? :)
    Your words and music, on the other hand, are very beautiful indeed. :)