niedziela, 12 lutego 2012

Biesiada - The Feast



Can you see
How we persist in our journey
Rust-coloured clouds from under the feet
Sting our eyes
And blur the destination
That swallows the restless
Who still think

We just keep going
Despite our goals distorted
And the horizon breaking
With our minds changed
Into something else
Far too often

Many of those
We meet on the way
New friends 
New lovers
Fall behind
Too weak
And vulnerable

I used to know them
They used to know me
And what's left
Beside too little spirit
And no heart at all

It's easy to go the wrong way
Doubt takes a heavy toll everyday
And when faith dies
The road ceases to make sense
For the vanishing point

The journey is a real challenge
The line is thin and winding
And covered with thick fog

Lost in the labyrinth
I feel like selling my Soul
And turn my back on Heaven
Hoping to take a shortcut
Learnt from the devil

Satan can't offer you much
But your body's raring to dance with him
And his gold can buy you a swinging life
A swinging life

I'll sell my soul
I'll take the gold
And I'll drink my way through it

The wine will wash away
The dullness of the day

So let us please the beast
With this outrageous feast


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